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Feelings that i blend became the story which has no end

The Catalyst

Moving forward to a greener and cleaner earth through sustainable development

Luna Smith Art

How I became the most famous 21st-century artist? My journey from a Scottish woman to the world-known contemporary painter.

Rajah Al Hurra

المرأة ترى كل شيء، ولكن لم يقل شيئا رجل يرى شيئا، وتتحدث عن أي شيء

Al Masturoon

The believers are nothing else than brothers. Therefore, make peace between your brethren and observe your duty to Allah that haply ye may obtain mercy (Quran 49:10)

Ética Hoje

Ética Hoje no Brasil, Cidadania, Pirâmide Social no Brasil, Ética nas Relações Sociais, Relações Humanas, Sustentabilidade, Arte, Música, Poesia, Autoconhecimento, Filosofia, Projetos Sociais


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